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Clothing for a Cause

Michelle Crichton
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Clothing for a Cause 
4A - 43 East Lake Crecent Airdrie,Alberta T4A 2H5 Airdrie 
Phone: 1-855-945-4950 or 403-619-1518


Hello and Welcome to our site...

Thank-you for considering the possibility of hosting a clothing recycling bin, doing so is a simple way for property owners to contribute to environmental waste reduction and to support education in the impoverished country of Haiti.

In order to provide increased assistance to our partners at Haiti Arise Ministries we are currently in the process of expanding our clothing recycling bin locations. If you would permit us to place a bin outside your premises, we can offer you our commitment that the clothing recycling bins will be emptied regularly and guarantee that the bins and surrounding area will be well maintained. We are able to keep this promise by closely monitoring our collection personnel and drivers, and by tracking our collection trucks using GPS technology. Also our contact number is clearly posted on every bin, and in the event of a phone call a truck can be quickly redirected to any bin requiring immediate attention.

We understand that you as a property owner have spent considerable time and money on landscaping and architectural design and therefore we strive to keep clothing bin sites in excellent order. Also our bins have an attractive cheerful design and their appearance is maintained regularly.

We can assure you that our management of this service is superior to what has been previously available, allowing us to maintain long term relationship with our property owners. Our strong desire to provide continued assistance to our students in Haiti through to their post-secondary years, motivates us to do an excellent job in managing our bin locations. Because of this you as a business/property owner will not be required to shield any of the responsibility for the monitoring or maintenance of our bin locations.

Thank-you for considering our request, in order for this program to be successful we need your support. Not only will you be helping us to provide a valuable recycling service to the public but you will also be helping to provide education to needy students in Haiti thereby encouraging the long term development of this impoverished nation.

We are hopeful that your positive response will help ensure the future success of this important initiative. Thank-you for your time today and if you have any questions I would be very pleased to speak with you.  Please call me anytime at 403-619-1518.


Elisa Humphreys - Clothing for a Cause.

PS... Please refer to the tab "Haiti Arise Request" to view the letter of encouragement from Haiti Arise to property owners who are considering permitting a Clothing Recycling Bin on their premises.

Clothing for a Cause 

4A - 43 East Lake Crescent NE Airdrie, Alberta T4A 2H5 

Phone: 1-855-945-4950 or 403-619-1518