Textile Reycling - Non-Profit Funding

In addition to the positive environmental impact we are making through our textile recycling service, we endeavor to create a safe and healthy workplace and to use the best environmental practices in all we do.   

Clothing for a Cause

To convert the waste of our affluent society into sources of funding for charitable endeavors both locally and in the impoverished nation of Haiti, and help to preserve the environment in the process.

We’d love the opportunity to partner with you as we pursue our mission. If you're interested in hosting a bin location, or just want more information, please contact us! ​


​Whether our work is collecting your donations from our bins, packing containers for international shipment, or handing queries from our bin hosts, we always bring our collective commitment to excellence. We go above and beyond to maintain bin locations due to our personal commitment to Haiti ARISE and our other non-profit partners. We are known for our mess-free bin program, as documented by numerous references.

​​​​Since 2005, Clothing for a Cause has been utilizing recycled clothing and household textiles to provide financial assistance to our non-profit partners. The items we collect are packed and either sold untouched to thrift stores in Canada, or sold to international recyclers, who sort and grade them, and sell them to micro-enterprises in developing nations. The resulting revenue enables us to support Haiti Arise Ministries, the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre, and many other worthwhile causes.

Because of our social conscience, Clothing for a Cause recognizes the preservation of our environment as a global issue and we are committed to helping reduce this problem.  Protecting the environment is one of our guiding principles.  The textile recycling we do has many positive environmental impacts including the reduction of solid waste and other forms of pollution created in the textile making process.  

Our Mission

Clothing for a Cause