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Clothing for a Cause

Clothing for a Cause 

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Our innovative Clothing Recycling Program not only helps the environment, but has also provided assistance to international groups since 2005. The clothing we collect through various means is sold to international recyclers and the resulting revenue enables this support. Please contact us to learn more about our programs.


  •   5% of the overall content of our landfills consists of textile waste. When recycled this textile waste can generate revenue that enables the support of needy students in Haiti.
  •   When recycled, 48% of used textile products are re-used as second-hand clothing and sold to developing nations, with another 6% being sold domestically.
  •   20% becomes wiping cloths. 26% is converted into fibre, with wool being sent to India where the fibres are recycled and reused.
  •   Cotton production accounts for the majority of global pesticide use, therefore textile recycling dramatically reduces the level of pesticides entering the environment.

On a Global scale, there are enormous gains from re-using still serviceable goods. Since clothing, even used clothing, clearly has value in the marketplace, it constitutes income to those who receive it. Simply discarding this wealth results in a net worldwide economic loss. Reusing it results in a net worldwide gain, which in turn can then be put to good use helping those in need.

When textiles are recycled, the land, labour and capital usually engaged in textile fiber production can instead be put to better uses such as global food production.

Acceptance of used clothing as part of "recycling" will help encourage the maximum recycling of textile waste, minimizing the amount of material that enters the waste stream, reducing the use of pesticides, and reallocating production resources. And when a recycling effort also helps those in need it can be considered a sustainable endeavour.