Clothing for a Cause

When you host a bin, you are helping to provide education for a needy child in Haiti, equipping a young mother with the life skills required to raise a child, and helping our other non-profit partners to continue their work serving the global community.

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Clothing for a Cause has a proven track-record of excellence, allowing us to maintain long-term relationships with property owners. Because of the steps we've put in place to manage our locations, you are never required to shield the responsibility for the monitoring or maintenance of our bin. 

Our bins provide an effective way for people to recycle their unwanted items, and the donations themselves enable the support of our non-profit partners. 

We'd love the opportunity to partner with you as we pursue our mission. If you'd like more information or you're ready to host a bin, please see our Contact Page or email us below.​​

"The valuable recycling service [Clothing for a Cause] provides to the public in our community is not only convenient but has proven to be far-reaching in its positive effect."

Greg Lockert
Manager, Genesis Place, Airdrie​

Host a Clothing Donation Bin

We understand that property owners spend considerable resources on landscaping, and architectural design. When planning a bin location, we work with you to find the best possible location for the bin on your property, keeping factors such as accessibility and ease of use in mind.

"We have worked with Clothing for a Cause over the past year and have been very pleased. They have provided a great service and our community has benefited as a result. We have had no issues with the bin at all. I would recommend partnering with this organization."
Nathan Cooper 
Former Councilor for Town of Carstairs


Hosting a Clothing Donation bin is a great way for property owners to contribute to their local communities. 

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